Harambe skate deck



Meme Sensation, the Gorilla King Harambe lives on with our extremely unnecessary Supreme inspired deck release. Regardless of how much sheer stupidity this board may exude, you can't overlook it's many values. It lives for two purposes. One being a totally outlandish living room art piece to show your best friends girlfriend how sensitive and stylish you are. You know she's considering jumping ship to you and let's be honest, you can use all the help you can get! Two being it's obvious reason for existence, to be a freaking solid skateboard that Jeff at the local park can make fun of you for, but you can see the burning jealousy in his eyes. Get lost, Jeff.

This skate deck is made in the USA with 7ply 100% North American maple. It features a modern shape, medium concave and killer pop. Our wood shop is passionate about skateboarding and makes what we feel are some of the best skateboards on the market. Available in 8.0".

All United States orders ship FREE! We also ship worldwide at discounted rates! Shipping to Canada is $9.50 and Rest of World is $19.50, per-board purchased.

Featured on Braille Army. Watch Here.

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