Send Nudes skate deck



We live in a wild time. We date and interact with others through our phones. It's a beautiful and ugly thing dammit. But, we can all come together and agree that there just might be nothing better than a good old fashioned consensual nuddie. So, we did our worst and brought you our unsolicited new skateboard graphic. Enjoy bucko's.

It's exactly what you think it is...

This skate deck is made in the USA with 7ply 100% North American maple. It features a modern shape, medium concave and killer pop. Our wood shop is passionate about skateboarding and makes what we feel are some of the best skateboards on the market. Available in 8.0".

All United States orders ship FREE! We also ship worldwide at discounted rates! Shipping to Canada is $9.50 and Rest of World is $19.50, per-board purchased.

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